International Women’s Day for Montana

IWD406 Purpose

Our purpose is to bring awareness to Women and their impact on all communities, provide a resource network, bridge communication and connection between cities and finally have a kind, heart centered, safe space where we can discuss key topics, provide impact and bring wisdom and connection.

International Women’s Day for Montana

International Women’s Day for Montana

Our Values

Mission Statement

Our objective for IWD406 (International Women's Day Montana) is to bring together a passionate team of volunteers who are eager to commemorate the extraordinary women of Montana throughout the year leading up to our celebration on March 8th which is International Women’s Day.

Vision Statement

The IWD406 organization is dedicated to bringing together women of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, and professional backgrounds in Montana. Their goal is to celebrate and honor International Women's Day, a worldwide event specifically for women.

Our Goals

Our goal is to unite Montana women and showcase their talents. We aim to highlight services, businesses, visual artists, culinary artists, and leaders in all Montana communities. By fostering better online and in person communication and connection among women, we strive to serve as a bridge between communities and help women support each other’s efforts throughout the state. Our goals are simple yet impactful, and we are dedicated to promoting the unification of Montana women.

IWD406 Motto

“IWD406” adopts the slogan “Celebrating Montana Women” to advance gender equality and empowerment, recognizing the significant role of women in the community. The initiative aims to inspire action and advocacy for women’s contributions and progress, while fostering a sense of community support and creating opportunities for connection.

2024 Theme

IWD406 is hosting monthly events in Montana starting in 2024 with the theme “Building an eMpowering Network.” (Online and In Person) These events provide a platform for women to collaborate and empower each other, featuring inspiring speakers, exhibitors, and activities to support personal and professional growth. Whether a stay-at-home mom, student, or entrepreneur, the events aim to provide tools and resources for success. The goal is to build a stronger, more supportive community of women in Montana, leading up to the official kick-off event in March 2025.