Welcome to the IWD406 Podcast featuring your guest hosts, Kate McLaughlin and Julie Walz Our podcast is dedicated to having empowering, heartfelt, and enjoyable conversations with the women of Montana. 

IWD406 is a platform committed to empowering the women of Montana. Our episodes include a special segment called ‘Pass the Mic’. This provides a chance for our guests to shine a light on, support, and celebrate another remarkable Montana woman who they believe should be a guest on our podcast. We invite you to become part of our exceptional lineup of women. 

About the IWD406 Podcast Sponsorship and Support Opportunities:
This podcast is for the Women of Montana. By passing the mic, the guest plays an integral part in the IWD406 Podcast Success. Our lineup is doubling in size and we are working hard to produce beautiful story telling and captivating conversations in each and every episode.

We invite you to become part of our exceptional lineup of women. If you are interested in sponsoring a podcast guest or showing support for our podcast, we have sponsorship opportunities available. Your sponsorship will be branded along side your favorite Montana Woman’s Episode. Sponsor her today!!!

We offer 3 advertising slots per episode to share details and special promotional marketing for your business, service or organization. We are a platform that is great for marketing to Montana Women. 

For further details, please visit our website a or email (Podcast Sponsor/Supporter Request) at


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